Hello all, this is my first post. Maybe not even in the right forum, sorry if so.

I need a couple of town maps for a children's book. These should be modern towns, not sci-fi or flying cars, but with tram lines, factories, block houses, tower blocks, hotels and such. While I may easily end up offering a commission, I still think I can do it on my own.

I checked the trial of Esri City Engine. It's a dream, one of the greatest pieces of software I have ever seen. But well beyond my knowledge, and I don't have months to climb the learning curve. It's also too much, all I need now is a top-down map.

I also need buildings to be separately identifiable, that is, not a huge blob of grey depicting a street block, but individual houses. I need car lanes too, and a plausible map with towers in the centre, blocks in the inner city and family houses on the outskirts. This could all be done in CE, and the end result should look like a top view of a CE map, but it's no problem if it's a little cartoony.

Question is, can it be done with Profantasy City Designer 3? I don't mind a bit of nudging in Photoshop, but don't want to redraw the whole thing either. The largest city in question is fairly big, with about 40 000 inhabitants. I have only seen fantasy/medieval maps with CD3 so far.

Thank you!