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    Info Map Posting Guidelines for the CWP

    Hi all

    Its important that we get a common naming convention for maps at this stage so we can keep proper track of this beast. The map hierarchy is as follows: [Region], [Map], [Location],[Site]. Each of these is afforded a number.

    The Region that is the subject of the first landgrab is imaginatively known as [1]. The various areas that were chosen by individual mappers are also numbered. I am doing Map 13 so my map is properly described as Region 1, Map 13 - Choam.

    When you go to the next level down [Location] you will use a number that is the highest one not yet taken. Therefore if I want to map a town in Ravs' area [12] and none other has yet been mapped on his map, I would describe my map as Region 1, Map 12, Location 1 - Baldur's Gate (for example).

    You must start a new thread whenever you start a new map, whatever the level. This way those putting together the wiki will be able to reference the maps properly and we wont get duplication of map. If everyone sticks to this system we should manage fine.



    Now we are getting a lot of maps of cities and locations it's good housekeeping to make sure you name your thread properly. The reason for the importance is that if the convention is used, by clicking the 'Thread' sort button at the top of the posts (see image below), all threads will be sorted in alphabetical and numerical order, so you can easily see listed in numerical order each region and the cities and locations mapped within it.

    The convention is:

    [Region x][Map yy][City zz]
    [Region x][Map yy][Location zz]
    [Region x][Map yy][Town zz]


    Remember that where you are using single digit figures, leading zeros are important (except for the Region unless we go over 10 which will be in a long, long time).

    So for example:

    [Region 1][Map 02][City 04]

    I'll swing by occasionally and rename any threads that need renaming but it will help enormously if posters could use the convention.


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