Okey dokey this is post one of my first challenge

the basis of the challenge "Climactic battle scenes take place across memorable terrain "

this takes place in a world i've been thinking about for the past couple of months either as a novel or a screenplay


The old world died. No one knows what happened but the old magiks of mathematics, chemistry and physics failed and died, sorcery took their places.

In the chaos powerful mages struggled for control... these people were know as world builders for they took the earth, the flora and fauna of the 21st centuary to pieces and rebuilt it to their own desires.

One world builder, in love with a mortal woman, created a stronghold for unchanged humanity, a region of craggy mountains and fast flowing rivers where free humans might defend themselves and survive. In the final cataclysm all of the worldbuilders destroyed themselves leaving the world to itselfClick image for larger version. 

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ID:	43789. A thousand years passed and the outside of Manhold the world became like a 15th century version of Hell.

Finally the legions decided to turn on Manhold. They sent their armies up the river valley where they will meet the armies of mankind...
but this is not our story

Our story is of Prince XXXX, the third son of the king who is sent with a small troop of elderly, cripples and failures to defend the gooseneck ridge against any possible attack by the legions

This is the battleground... WIP #1 edition.