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Thread: Worldbuilding Questions: Here or There?

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    There - a six-UG Bulldosa plus a 1-CUS Persussa - both would fit in the indicated 'torrid zone'. Twiddle the sizes from there but that gives you an idea of the vast expanse of ocean and relative smallness of the continents. So if you imagineered a reason for mostly-cloudiness over the landmasses, there's still loads of sky that can be 'normal' with respect to incoming solar radiation.

    A likely effect of small continents placed thus would be absolutely beastly cyclones preying on the eastern shores of both.

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    To Hai-Etlik: Thank you for your assistance. As a result of your post and reading some of the Wilson Cycle article, I have come to a better understanding of mountains. I also learned something about the definition of islands; thank you!

    As to your disbelief in the unification of the concepts "continent" and "nation", you make accurate points. I shall have to think on this further. After seeing JBGIBSON's extremely helpful map modification, I realize that I have oversimplified the definition of a continent. As a note, It wasn't a merging of concepts; it was the creation of one concept for something that we on earth have two concepts for. You'll see this strangeness when comparing Earth languages. But as I said, back to the think tank with this one!

    To JBGIBSON: Ah, good sir! You have provided me with wit and with illustrations! I thank you. Yes, both of those images did explain to me the phenomena to which you were referring. Also, your map made me realize how silly I have been! I can expand the continents and perhaps invent more cultures, nations, etc., etc., to cure my world of severe diversity withdrawal. The major differences between Earth and Glumdomy are in its people and their societies. I am going to return to my focus on those differences and allow there to be the same landmass to ocean ratio as there is on Earth (with a few adjustments to their location). Hmm, maybe the next nation can be named Catapilla? AHA!

    I absolutely must visit Victoria Falls! I don't really need one quite so large; I'm not overly concerned with the details of said waterfall. I described it in the novel as a river that allowed itself to fall (which is basically an <insert your own waterfall here> bit). That isn't to say that I don't appreciate the time you took to explain it to me; thank you very much, again!

    To Joshua:

    Thank you Joshua! I am reading the link now. (aside): I am trying to read through all the other links provided but as I do return to school tomorrow, I have been also trying (and failing miserably) to catch up with all the homework I put off to write my novel and read this thread (and poke GIMP repeatedly with a circle 07 pencil).

    To rdanhenry:

    Mhmm! When writing these posts, I've been trying to keep my rambling about my world to a minimum, as I enjoy talking about stories far too much. As a result, my minimum comments about it have caused it to appear that I am saying one thing when I am really not intending that at all. I think I am too used to rambling to explain myself . What I mean is that I do have some form of solution for that issue. I do appreciate you reminding me of it, though, as I'd likely forget (I need to keep my notes in one place!!). I will try to be clearer in my explanations so as not to waste any more of your time; I apologize if I have created any frustration.

    To Gidde:

    Indeed, I feel similarly overwhelmed. I have to set aside an hour or two simply to respond to everyone (I feel rude if I don't say at least something to a poster). I don't expect to be able to reply to this thread during this upcoming week, with spring break over, essays and exams to ace, and my sister coming to visit who I haven't seen in over three years! In all honesty, it likely a relief to see me disappear. I talk too much!

    I'll have to try to make room for all those other things you recommended that I read. I'm dedicated, so I'll get around to them. If not this week, then perhaps in two. I hadn't realized that I totally asked a bunch of questions, only to change my mind about the whole thing a few posts later. Changing one's mind is OK, but to some who might have spent a lot of time on this thread, it might appear to be an affront. I don't intend it that way. It's because of all your answers that I am able to make better decisions about my world.

    To all:

    I hope that I didn't miss anyone. A very happy unbirthday to all of you. I have a lot of reading to do . . . and hopefully no more questions. My word!

    <--- I wanted to use this emoticon just once, so here it goes!


    P.S.: I'll probably have to throw away my "cloudy days" idea as well. Ah, I shall miss you, gloomy weather! But it was obviously creating a lot of problems. Plus, now I get to explore lots of other weather conditions! Woo hoo, protagonist in a blizzard! Woo hoo, protagonist in a sandstorm! Who knows why she keeps finding herself in awful weather; maybe she's the secret super-villain, "Harsh Weather Girl Girl Girl"!!!

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