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    i found this forum searching for musgrave's ridged multifractal, and accordingly will post my first enquiry regarding it in the regional/world mapping subforum.

    a few days ago i started to realise my ambition to reintegrate fantasy gaming into my activities and started to write an algorithmic map generator.

    against my erudition i though i'd have a look to see what others had come up with in this area. meet wilbur. that bugger's giving it all away for free. cartographers are lucky.

    the scope of my ambitions do not surpass what is already present; off course, this isn't going to stop me from engaging in the process myself.

    this is a note to say that... omg.. while i was not surprised to see that products existed, this forum is significantly more active than i would ever have guessed. staggering!

    my background:

    i've been making free/cheap audio processes for the last decade, so only 1 dimension. my is known for algorithmic and physical modeling synthesis. i have a 'pragmatic' approach to coding - i use an ancient weapon many will sneer at - borland fclt. often faster than a blaste* erm.. vc express.. and a smaller, kinder install by many magnitudes.

    off course, this often leaves me entirely frustrated as i have no documentation whatsoever on using this compiler and i spend a lot of time sobbing in the corner. hello. (regardless of the fact that there's hardly any more free documentation for ****ing vc e).

    i love ppl who empower others regardless of economy. pat yourself on the back, *you* "get" it.

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    mp3 demo of my recent water noises synthesizer

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