apologies for not recalling the name of the members whose posts drew me here. my introduction thread:
the map is eight unsmoothed perlin octaves with cosine interpolation.

the references i am finding on musgrave's ridged multifractal point to URLs that no longer exist and were blocked from archive.org

while i have found musgrave's script, i admit that stylistic differences often make it difficult for me to apprehend the intent of other coders.

what i understand is that all, or the larger octaves of this perlin-based algorithm use absolute values. this alone does not a ridge elicit.

i have read that the amplitude of higher octaves is derived from precedent layers (thus the 'fractal' description) i am guessing this is what i have missed.

would anyone care to give me a nudge on this? tia

not sure where i'm going with this.. will explore the terrain generation for a while. i'm way behind on 2 and 3 d. may take it back to audio.