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Thread: The Realms of Xendria

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    Wonderful execution, already one of my favourites.
    I think the most aazing thing is the way that ink seems to blend with the paper!
    Congratulations! =)
    Given the choice:
    wheter to rule a corrupt and failing empire
    or to challenge the Fates for another throw, a better throw against one's destiny...
    what was a King to do?
    But does anyone truly have a choice?
    One can only match, move by move, the machinations of Fate.
    And thus defy the tyrannous stars.

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    Wow, excellent piece! I love it. This definitely goes into my "favourite maps"-folder. Have some rep.!
    I'm trapped in Darkness,
    Still I reach out for the Stars

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    Wow. Quite a map.

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    Hey- the map and the comic that it appears in are NOW ON SALE- 28 color pages for $5- this includes shipping!!

    VOL. 1

    By Jason Lenox, David Paul
    Art by Jason Lenox, Dani Kaulakis, Damon Haigh, Joseph Freistuhler
    SC, 28pgs, full color
    Front cover: Jason Lenox, Dani Kaulakis
    Back cover: Joseph Freistuhler, Jason Lenox

    In the clutches of an army of would-be assassins the tyrant lord necromancer Amon Kadesh must survive the terrors of an assault on his fortress, while his cat familiar Grizelda seeks only the solitude of peace and comfort. At any cost.

    Elsewhere, and in the far reaches of space, Commander Veer leads an Exterminus unit to locate and exterminate Scourge Species X2987, AKA The Great Vermin!

    This epic premier volume includes the dark fantasy “Through the Eyes of Grizelda” and the sci-fi thriller “The Great Vermin” from Jason Lenox (Grey Haven, Viper) and David Paul (Heavy Metal, InvestComics, Heske Horror, JOSEPH!) It features highly detailed coloring and pin-up art by Dani Kaulakis, additional pin-ups by Damon Haigh and Jason Lenox, and an incredibly realistic map by cartographer Joseph Freistuhler.

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    Beautiful map, I love it! The way you draw mountain ranges is awesome, the combination of styles - the "long ranges" and individual mountains - is great. The first map I posted on the Guild was inspired to some extent by your work. Thank you!

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    Very Tolkien-esque to my eye. Really great 3/4 perspective. The mountains are my favorite part. I just wish the scale was smaller. At your present scale most of your mountain ranges are 10 to 15 miles (or is it kilometers?) or less. This makes them more like ranges and not a whole mountain system like the Rockies or even Appalachians of America...nor as expansive as the Andes of western South America. Other than that...I really like the style.

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    Nice stuff here. I like the subtle soft muted colors you used on this map. The labels on mountains are quite hard to read though but it's still a good map

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