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    Info Hello everyone!

    Hey there everyone,

    My true name is Viktor, and i'm from Hungary. My nick is one i've chosen and been using for almost 5 years now. I'm a graphic designer by profession. I'm into 3d and 2d graphics. And i'm also a rpg player and a dungeon master.

    I mostly play a fantasy rpg (hungarian developement, similar to D&D, only a bit darker). I play a human bard going by the name of Edwin Di Alcorre.

    So i'm into map making as well. I have a lot of respect to ppl who make those awesome maps using PS, and not the CC-like softwares. They have their uses and can make awesome maps too, but i prefer the "hand-drawn" style.
    I'm also trying to make maps that outclass those made with CC. I used to make maps with CC some time ago, but then i've realized that i need more than just putting down objects with a single click.
    I think when making maps, the most important thing is to enjoy the process, and to be creative. Though i'm still a beginner at map making.

    We'll be playing a new campaign soon, so i'm going to put my maps online.
    I hope you'll enjoy them.
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