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Thread: And here we go !

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    Default And here we go !

    Hello everyone !

    My name is Panagiotis (I think most of you can't even pronounce it ) and I am a 28year old Web Designer and Developer from Athens, Greece.
    I have seen the CGuild many times on the past but never got around into becoming a member, even though I have been reading various articles and
    staring at many maps created by all the talented people in here !

    After a long time into thinking and planning, I finally wrote the first words on a novel I always had deep in a corner of my mind, and I think I will be a
    permanent visitor, since I will definitely need help and guidance drawing my maps, and who else can help but CGuild.

    Great to find you all !

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    Well I don't know if I know how to pronounce it or not, but welcome to the Guild Panagiotis. Like Ravs said, don't feel bashful in displaying your own work.


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