Hello, i know this topic can be a bit out of topic with the cartography but i need some idea, i want to do a map where by clicking on the destination you travel till there, but you can also choice the fastest way, the shortest way, or the safer way.
Safer way will choose the street (if there is one)
The shortest the one with less movements
The fastest the one that require less time.
Each tile will have a time required for cross the area and a level of danger .... the shortest way will not take care of those 2 previous levels of course.
Do you think this way will work? Have i to take into consideration other things?
The danger of the area will be used for random encounters and when a monster is generated it will be one of those kind of monsters that live in that kind of terrain (trolls in mountains, mudworm in swamps, etc etc)
Thx a lot for the attention.

Ayrin Greenflag