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    Map Map of an Island

    Hi! I have an important request. It's for a fantasy world I'm building. The island I'm asking for is the island of Ynnys ( ynys = island and ynn = ash in welsh, I taught it sounded pretty cool). It's a frozen and arid land located on the northern end of the globe. Here's really rough draft : Click image for larger version. 

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    The green part is land. It is rather fertile on the southern end, but desolate and snowy on the northern end. The white part is permanent ice attached to the land. There's some land underneath the ice, but not on the most northern part. There's no major city there.

    The northern end of the island would be mountainous and dry and I'd like a big volcano (on the ice part or the land part). The southern end would have some rivers and boreal forests.

    The island would be about 250 000 square miles, ice part and land part put together.

    I'm not an expert geographer or topographer, so if there's anything wrong with my description we will discon how to make it better. I want the landscape to look as realistic as possible.

    I'd like the map in any style you want to make it. I'd only be grateful if someone answer my request. If you really want to make me happy, I'd prefer an ancient map style, a bit like the skyrim map.

    I won't ask for a professionnal map since I'm not paying, but the best quality possible would be the better. The map would only serve for the web and I'd like it to have the size of an average full-screen.

    You can take all the time you want, just tell me if you start making the map so I will at least know if I'm waiting for nothing. You can contact me at .

    There will be no copyright on the map. The author of the map will have full rights to it and I'll give I'm credits of the map every time I use it on the web.

    Thank you a lot. I hope whoever picks up my request will have fun doing it!
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