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Thread: April Entry: The Battle of Damon Bay

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    Post April Entry: The Battle of Damon Bay

    To set the background...

    Damon Bay is a rocky natural harbour close to the village of Dartal in the Region of Gane's Head (named after a prominent point of land).

    The notorious pirate Jahan Startel attacked a trading vessel while coming through the Taim Passage. Unbeknown to Capt. Startel, a clipper from the Region's Guard was close enough to notice the flares fired. Capt. Startel was pursued all the way into Damon Bay, where he turned and fought in a ferocious battle. Damage was grievous on both sides. The clipper was sunk, and Capt. Startel's ship was adrift. He scuttled his ship after taking the largest of his stolen goods off ship and secreting them along the coast.

    Years later, The captian's nephew Tarnik Startel discovered a painting apparently made by his uncle, titled "The Battle of Damon Bay", along with a brass telescope. The telescope was engraved with the words "On Damon Bay...align with the full moon...revealed by the guiding light."

    This is a map of Gane's Head and the surrounding Region from one of the charts created by the Region's guard showing the area. This map is NOT my entry

    Click image for larger version. 

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