I have sketched an outline of a region on paper. I know where I want my mountains.

I know how to use Photoshop very well. I know how mountains, rivers and erosion work. There is no way I'm gonna do this by hand.

How can I use Fractal Terrains and/or Wilbur to flesh it out? How do I make the terrain random? How do I make a smooth transition to water (staying true to the outline)?

I would like to use Wilbur because I want to create realistic erosion and rivers. I've just gone through an awesome tutorial taking a Fractal Terrains map and using it in Wilbur to make realistic terrain.

It seems that without the random goodness of FT I am lost! But I really want to use this outline I've drawn.

I have tried a tutorial on the Wilbur creator's website. I have also tried applying fractal noise with a multiply setting - whether I'm on the right track I have no idea, because the rest of the settings are gobbledygook. I tried introducing randomness via Photoshop, the Clouds filter, but when imported to Wilbur this makes my land look like slices of bread stacked up.

Is there a tutorial that does a good job on this? Surely it's a common task (outline to realism), but what I've seen so far ends up looking ridiculous.