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    Default Hey all!

    I was directed through recommendation of a friend when i said i was interested in cartography. She said this is the best place to find resources and tutorials so here i am with my learning cap on am a total newb in cartography so am still working through the basics, glad i came here because it looks like it has a lot for me to learn from. So hi all

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    Hi there Lyla84, well your friend was spot on, this is the best place to come if one is interested in fantasy cartography. Welcome to the Guild. Seem's you've already heard about the tutorials so I'll pass over that. What I would recommend is diving into one of the tutorials, working your way through, and then posting up a work in progress. That's the best way to learn.


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    Yeah, I'll second Arsheesheeses* greeting and double the recommendation to jump into the WIPs!

    *sorry, couldn't resist!

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    Truely, this is THE Mappiest place on the Web
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