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    Default Greetings

    Ive known about this website for about a year or 2 now, I can not remember exactly. And Ive been making mainly hand drawn maps for about...Id say since 8th grade, and im 23 now, so thats....roughly 10 years give or take 1 or 2. Im not the best at math. Anyways as far as introductions go, I am well aware of the various many different types of cartography software, and I have used alot of them, but in the end I still always prefer hand drawn maps over digital maps. Plus i am not the richest person in the world and often times can not afford the map making software or have no desire to torrent them, etc.

    I dont know what else to say. My expertise in maps is obviously like most people into this sort of thing, for rpgs, mainly the "pen and paper" type of rpgs, such as WFRP (a long time favorite), or DnD, as well as a handful of other homebrew rpgs.

    At this point in time Im mainly doing maps for my own universes ive created, and from time to time for WFRP 2nd edition.

    yep, thats about it. I have been lurking around the site now for quite awhile, and i take what i see from the digital computer made maps, techniques, etc, and apply it to hand drawn maps. etc. etc. etc.

    hope to meet some cool people and learn more about cartography as well. hope that wasnt a too terribly boring introduction.

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    Welcome to the Guild Forest Child. Hand drawn maps a are less common, but always welcome addition to the forums here. Look forward to seeing your work.


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