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Thread: Lelin Island, SilverFer Continent, Woodmen Nation

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    Default Lelin Island, SilverFer Continent, Woodmen Nation

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is the map of Lelin Island, one of 4 sub continent islands belonging to the SilverFer Continent, homeland of the Woodmen Nation, in my homebrew fantasy world Ive created called "World of Celun" . Lelin Island's notable features are of course Lekk Village (population: 80) , Lelin Woods, the somewhat small Mornaw Mountains, and the great Agei Meadows. Smaller important features would be Llyrcend Beach (the main landing for travelers to Lekk), Dirtlorm Beach, the Fields of Em'eld, Mornaw Lake, Cape Sholt, Cape Sall, and the forest Altar to Oldorit (God of Trees) in the far northern tip of the Lelin Wood. Other notable places would be the Doctor's Path from Lekk to the Altar of Oldorit (doctor's are the same thing as shamans or priests), and the Hunter's Path that traces its way around the island, used primarily by the "Hunter's", a group of nomadic ranger's that supply Lekk with game/food, as well as acting as a sort of defense against would be invaders. The travelers road from Llyrcend is used by traders and merchants for getting to Lekk, coming from Lekk headed elsewhere.

    South from Llyrcend beach is what is known as the "ferry path", which sea goers use to head further SW to Gandri Island, another sub continental island of SilverFer (from Gandri Island one can head south to the Ogre Nation's homeland of Choculan, or north to the mainland of SilverFer).

    Separating Lelin Island from the mainland is what is known as Enthup Channel.

    Lelin Island is the furthest easterly known land of Celun, and anything further east is what they call "the unknown lands" .

    Any feedback would be appreciated. The image is 200dpi, and I hope it is legible as well as easy to understand.
    Btw, this is definitely not my best work, and I have at other times had much better drawn maps, but Ive since lost them to the sands of time.
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