first post in this forum, i'm new here and to 2d coding, though i have a fair background in 1d dsp, which of course lends itself to 2d.

audio has a nice repository of algorithms at, many of which work straight out of the box. some things like interpolation can be applied directly to images. i was somewhat surprised to not find a similar site for graphics.. though of course a lot of 2d includes 3d and then things become extremely involved... so i asked for this forum to be created, and expect i'll post in it as my knowledge progresses.

so itfp, thanks to the admin here and to waldronate, who is the first coder i've interacted with here, for steering me in the right direction.

one of the topics i've researched in audio is algorithmic/aleatoric/stochastic/okay, "random" generation, so my interests carry over with a focus on what is possible procedurally instead of by direct specification.

i'll post by topic: