Hi, Iím currently working on a map for an alternative world and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in helping me out.

Having finished setting up the basic shape of the world, Iím trying to figure out how to place the worldís tectonic plates. Knowing very little about geography, I have no idea how to arrange the plates in a somewhat believable manner (Iíve attached what Iíve tried so far). While Iím not looking for 100% realism, Iím still interested in having the map make some form of geographic sense (Iím also planning to use the plates to help determine volcanic and seismic regions, weather patterns, and general temperatures).

The plates ought to be arranged to permit the existence of the desert and mountain chain already illustrated on the map. I donít mind changing certain aspects of the landmass as long as the two previous characteristics can be maintained.

If anyone could tell me ways to arrange the plates (including their general direction), I would be most thankful. Once I get the plates set up, Iíll be able to start fleshing out my map. At the same time, I welcome any advice/criticism on the worldís current shape.

Feel free to doodle on the maps Iíve attached.

PS: The world Iím working on is supposed to roughly share the same characteristics as those of earth (eg: similar size, one moon, ect...). Also, for those interested, the map uses Mercator projection.

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