Alright. Here's the - very basic - first WIP of a "zoomed in" 200x200 light-years "sector" from my Orion Spur map. Scale is 1mm=1 light year. Mapping the entirety of human space at this scale is such a daunting task that I really, really do not want to think about it, but I think if create a good template and a documented workflow, I can at least create a few "areas of interest" at this scale. To put it into perspective: A Traveller subsector is about 3x2 squares of the grid at this scale, so a full Traveller sector would be 12x8 - this map will cover about as much territory as four Traveller sectors.

I really should have centered my main Orion Spur map on Terra, and especially placed Terra on the intersection of gridlines. Oh, well. I could probably fix that, but it'll be a bit of an effort. Instead, it'll be easier to assume that this is an Imperial coordinate system, and set up a reference point in that part of Human Space.

These maps will be A4 sized, so I might need to use less detail than I'd like (the labels for example will be awfully small as-is). You'll definitely want the full-sized map, not just the thumbnail.

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Original Orion Spur map is here: