Hi guys

For my Wasteland/Falloutesque PnPRPG Campaign I need maps of a Vault. A Vault is an underground bunker complex with enough space to house approx. 1000 humans, supply them with food, entertainment, housing, medical support, security...
The type of bunker I want has a large habitat area, a large water reservoir, food vats... and everything else needed to survival independent of the outside world.

I've made a sketch, on it you see the different areas I envisioned:

Click image for larger version. 

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Each section detailed above contains several floors, inside each section, the floors are similar. Maybe it would be best to make seperate maps for every section that I've noted.

The scale of the map... hrm, I don't know to be honest. Maybe you could give me some input?


Ideally, the map would look like a technical drawing of a bunker, something like an architects plan. It can be quite sober, if that is even an english expression.

Quality & Size

I want to be able to print a floorplan on an A3 paper. It would be nice if it was still readable if printed on A4.


I will pay per section-map via PayPal. Please contact me, so we can fix a fair price.

Time Constraints

Two Months.


Errr, something fair? Creative Commons?

Contact Details

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