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Thread: The Vault of the Future - Indoor, underground Bunker

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    Quote Originally Posted by Onkl View Post
    Yes, this sounds brilliant for grain, fruit and potatos. Please include it.

    When they eat meat, it's fauxflesh. By taking gen-engineered cells from livestock and supplying them with nutrients, a biomass of lean meat tissue is grown in tanks. It's harvested when needed or when it gets too big for the tank.

    They will not be having livestock underground, maybe there will be a pet, a cat or a dog which a rich family had gen-engineered.

    Does this help at all to show what techlevel they're on?
    Yea, cool.. it was more a matter of you vision was opposed to what the technology could support. One other question that you might want to clarify on the opening thread: Will you be wanting ALL levels on a single A3 sheet or one level per sheet? Of course, this would make a huge difference in the amount of details that could be visible over 4-7 levels( if one per sheet, my # of levels is based upon the entrance that would live on the same sheet as the first level, and then have probably 3-5 additional levels not counting the "sub basement" level. My thoughts where something like this:

    Level 1: the Elites living quarters take up most(75% or so) of the space along with Administration offices, Main entrance way, Water tanks(span multiple levels), Hydroponics(again, multiple levels)

    Level 2: Upper mid classes living quarters, Science offices, Robot storage, Classroom 1, Infirmary, "social hall 1", Water tanks(span multiple levels), Hydroponics(again, multiple levels)

    Level 3: Lower mid class/technical living quarters, Kitchen, security living quarters, Classroom 2, "social hall 2", storage, manufacturing, Water tanks(span multiple levels), Hydroponics(again, multiple levels)

    Level 4: Lowest class living quarters, Power, storage, Water tanks(span multiple levels), Hydroponics(again, multiple levels)

    I would also see splitting up the water, food, and power components into two entrances, both accessible only from one floor, likely on level 1. This segregation would also likely be the first gate to break to gain access to the sub basement few people know about and it's limited access would be yet another reason few people know about the sub basement.

    Does that sound sort of what you are thinking?
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    Oh sorry, this update must have landet in my spam inbox or something... didn't see it until now.

    I would prefer to have a level per A3.

    Sounds just like I wanted it!

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