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Thread: New map fan arrives

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    Post New map fan arrives


    I learned of this place yesterday though the Exalted forums in As a huge map "fan" I am really loving this place and the resources here. I can't wait to use the tutorial I found here to produce my own maps as well. This place looks like a place I will visit often!

    Best regards,

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    Post Welcome

    Hi Skyde


    I have been here a while and this is a great community, helping, friendly and you will find extremely talented mappers of all sorts in our ranks.

    We are eager to see the your results as well.


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    Welcome Skyde

    This is a very active and very friendly community and its great to have you here. I'm sure you'll have a great time . Dont forget to post anything you create, no matter how bad you think it is.

    See ya round.

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    Welcome aboard Skyde!
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    Hi Skyde -

    Post away with either questions or to show your stuff. Any questions on tutorials just ask, as most of the tutorial authors are always happy to clarify.

    -Rob A>

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    Great to meet you, Skyde. Welcome, and let's see those maps soon, eh?
    My gallery is here
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    Welcome to the Guild Skyde! It is great to hear that we are getting mentions all over the place. As a fan of Exalted myself, I'm betting there are some folks at the forums itching to make similar maps to what are in the books. I would love to see what folks come up with so by all means do as the others suggested and post away.
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    Well I can show you one map that I worked on some time ago

    I used some photoshop templates from on that one. The templates themselves are free, although you probably need more skill than me if you want to make the nicer maps like the ones in the galleries on that site.

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    Interesting, although I don't really take with the terraced mountain effect. Was that intentional? I guess it depends on the use of the map - was it meant to be for a fantasy setting?

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