Hi all!

My Name is Hef, affectionately called The Tipsy Gypsy by tavernmates and friends alike.

Most of my life I have been conceiving fantasy worlds in my head, sometimes these realms manifest in a physical form either through writing or games. Like most other I'm sure, it has been my experience that maps are fairly useful for both…

When constructing a world I like the mental challenge of trying to take a "Realistic" approach to a fantastical realm. For example, I like to try and model the effect of the elevations so that they mimic what we know of our world, in how they might not only present mountain ranges and basins, but also how they might effect the water (or other fluid) flow and form rivers, lakes, coastlines and seas.

On a sociological level I also like to speculate how the landscape might shape the culture and lives of the inhabitants of these lands, and how the relationship of the physical geography might influence trade, political boundaries and even demeanor of the folk that might live there.

By joining the "guild" I am hoping to glean some insight into techniques and tricks to help polish my own maps. I primarily use Adobe Photoshop as it is a program that I am familiar with but might also be open to checking out some other programs as well.

I also hope that by sharing my own meager contributions, I might help inspire others in their "world building" hobby.