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    I used to have just all sort of binders lining my room full of worldbuilding stuff when I was a kiddo, and somebody said something to me recently that got me thinking about all of that again....

    It's been at least 15 years since I last got bitten by the bug, but here I am. Boy, things looks a bit different from my 8th grade graph paper maps!

    Anyway, that's my introduction. I was never much good at the map thing, but you guys have some neat stuff up. I definitely seem to be coming down with a God complex again and feel the itch to obsessively document cultures that don't exist.

    So here I am!


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    Welcome. If you have any maps at all, scan them in and post them!
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    Dayzie - You've come to the right place! We love maps of all kinds. Post away, and don't worry about quality--we love it all.

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    Excellent to have you here! Do jump in and ask as many questions as you want. The best way to get started is to start drawing a map and posting your WIPS and lots of people will offer you kindly advice.

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    Welcome to the Guild! I definitely would like to see those old maps of yours if you can scan them. Those days of yore maps bring back great memories.
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    You are all certainly an encouraging bunch.

    I would post some of the old maps, but I've moved a billion times since then and they're long gone.

    I may have to break out some colored pencils and play around with something new. I'm very very inspired by looking around here. That collaborative project is something else!


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    Hello, Dayzie, and welcome. I do hope you have fun rediscovering this hobby. (I have a similar story, and the outcome has been very positive!)

    Take care
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    greetings and welcome to the guild
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