My name is George and I'm 23 years old. I live in Brazil working (roughly) as a musical producer.

Since I was a kid I wanted to become a novel writer and now I'm finally trying yo make this dream come true (I was too lazy to do it before). I did wrote some tales and short stories but now I'm working on a much bigger plane.

With the book's development I found myself willing to create not only a story but a whole world (Tolkien is really my major inspiration, though Christopher Paolini and recently George Martin really contributed to that). And with a world there's history, cultures, politics, religions, languages (in which I'm working the most recently) and, of course, maps! And that's why I'm ended showing up here.

Though I am no plastic artist in any way, I did some drawings (actually eyesight copies of drawings) which became reasonably good. I tried the manga style, as I like the systematic way of how it works, but I wasn't so good of creating characters so I stopped. I think if I push myself I'm able to draw a world map by myself (my main wish here). Also, I did had successfully followed tutorials in Photoshop and other programs (yet not about cartography), so the technology itself is not a problem.

I'm looking, at first, to learn how to do the basics and, if possible, someone who might help me doing this project. The map itself is not a major requirement for the book but it'd add another dimension of "reality" which I'd like to show. Actually I did some astronomical calculations to put the planet in a plausible position in space. That lead me to a "surface area" which is my major concern on doing myself a map.

Anyway, as always, I'm willing to learn (as I learn a lot of linguistics and some astrophysics) and any help would be appreciated.