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    Help Current World Making Software

    When I got Fractal Terrains I was absolutely floored.

    I love being able to zoom around a world and carve out bits of it for gaming.
    I love being able to go back to the same data file and slice off another chunk of land to develop - and everything fits!
    It was Google Earth before Google Earth!

    It is a great program and has always done me for everything ....but

    I can't live with the silly string curls on the surface of the land. I can't hide em and I can't blend em without losing the quality of the render. I just want cleaner land renders but I want to be able to work from a globe.

    The only options on the program for me are Rigid Fractal and Brownian motion. I don't like the brownian motion either .

    My question is...

    Is the latest Fractal Terrains the smart choice? When will Profantasy have a CC3 enable Fractal Mapper? Will it be a free upgrade from the current Pro?

    Has anyone used Fractal Mapper's world generation routines and can you export slices of land from a globe with it?

    Is there another program I'm not considering?


    I appreciate any answer. Its got to be better than blending silly string.
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