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    Default Symbol Scale Guidelines

    Not sure if this has been addressed before; if it has, it's neither in my memory or the search I just did ....

    Since I started trying the hand-drawn mapping gig, I've been seriously struggling with symbol scale. Looking back at the one hand-drawn map I've done that I actually liked (Velaidin Empire) I realize now that the vast majority of symbols were too small and therefore there was some serious symbol overkill. While I know intellectually that the symbols should be bigger on the page the smaller the area you're mapping, I never seem to get that size right. I've referenced a ton of historical/inspirational maps and for some reason it's just not clicking. Maybe it's my artistically-challenged nature lol, but it seems like most of the folks I really admire seem to just do it right by instinct -- whereas my instincts for this are terminally flawed.

    Does anyone have any advice/guidelines/rules they follow to keep everything looking proportional to the size of the map?

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