Hi Everyone,

I'm a transplant here from obsidian portal where I am building a campaign world. I've actually come across the CG a bunch over the years as I've looked around online for maps. Finally got around to registering. If the community here is anything like the community on the obsidian portal (and I'm guessing there are a few of you here who are on both) then I'm looking forward to learning a lot from the pros here. Anyway, i live in Connecticut, USA. Married dad, personal trainer, martial artist, pilates instructor...and part time geek. I've been playing fantasy (and other) rpgs since 1980. Also an avid reader, though family and professional life have made it hard to be quite as avid as I used to be. One thing I always looked for in a good fantasy novel was the map! I'v got a great collectors edition of LOTR with a cool fold out map that I've spend as much time referring to as I do reading the book. I would also describe myself as a former artist. In my youth and teens I spent hours drawing, mostly dragons...nowadays that has simply stopped. In what I guess you could call a sort of Geek Mid Life Crisis, I've been trying to get back in touch with that creative self. Recently I've turned to obsidian portal as a creative outlet. Lot's of writing, campaign desingning, coding, editing...and now...mapping. I've tried the free version of hexographer, and I own a copy of CC3. Thanks to Arsheesh, who has posted a list of handy links and mapmaking tutorials on OP, I've been led back here to CG. If you get the urge, come on over to the OP and check out my campaign... Violent Skies http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/violent-skies I've got ambitions to make a number of maps...from the entire globe...down to the flying ships that criss-cross my world. Looking forward to meeting some of you cool folks and learning from you. Thanks!