Well, after a while trying to realize how I was supposed to do things (and reading a lot of things that made me sometimes even more lost) I finally tried to dip my hands into the dirt and do some actual work.

First, I think it's better that I describe what I have in mind. And I must say that much of this stuff came before I decided to do a map, causing more and more trouble (for me it's easier to build a story around a given map than the opposite). Nevertheless, I'll try to follow what I already have decided and do change the story nor some other details about the world. Much of it is really alike Earth, because when I started the story it was supposed to happen here and not in a alternative world. When I settled to really make a new universe, the story was somehow entangled with Earth's geography and history, so much things would have to be alike in order to make sense. However, many of these is just thought in the big picture and the details can be really fluid.

I have the world of Kaotijus which is a planet much like our Earth, only it is a little bit smaller (around 97%). There's two main continents: a big old one like an Africa-Eurasia thing. And old in the same sense, as the they start to sail further into the west ocean and found a new and smaller American-like continent. The water between them is known as the Narrow Ocean as the other way around the planet is much longer and have deeper waters. (I hope I'm making myself clear, writing in English is not common to me). There's also an Artic inhabited continent and, maybe, a set of islands (like Polynesia).

In a terrain basis, there's no much that I have decided and most of it really don't need to be restricted. I'd like, though, to have a mountain range in the scale of the Himalayas. And, also, I now regret myself in telling about a canyon (not really a canyon but a really big river which dried out a long time ago and, luckily, I've included magic and it can be the cause in this case) but this is a regional matter which I'm not sure if I'll draw a map (it'd be possible to view in a world scale? I don't think so, but maybe it'd be interesting).

I tried to do the whole world at once, following a simple draft in paper and trying to get it alike in the PS. However it was too hard to realize the scale of it all together, so I decided to do one continent at a time and later put them all in a single composition.

With the biggest continent I came to this:
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What do you guys think? I know I can't tile up the ocean and I probably will have to rebuild it later, but's not really a matter of concern. Also, if I could make it in a way possible to use as a texture for a 3D render of the world (have anyone heard of Celestia?) and my major worry in this subject is the distortion thing that I know it happens yet I do not have much more knowledge about.

Almost forgot, in this version I tried to follow a scale of 8 km/pixel. If my math is right, it'd be like 60% of the width and 60% of height (roughly).

Maybe I forgot something else... Anyway, that's pretty much it and I'll keep on working.