Hi All,

So, I've seen the intro section which points rookies like me toward GIMP but I've already got a copy of CC3 and I've tried messing around with Hexographer's free version. So far I've made one map with Hexographer, and though it suits my practical needs it does not satisfy my artistic sense....So...

I'd love to hear some perspectives on what software you use and why you use it over another option. Remembering that I am a total beginner (though I think a fast learner) What advice would you present to me, or someone like me, when deciding. Also, I'm just looking for your personal prefs and why a given option appeals to you, not why I shouldn't choose this or that option. I don't want to provoke any arguments

I'm up against sticking with CC3 (which I found was not as easy and intuitive as I had hoped), going with GIMP or choosing another option that I might not be aware of. Also, any advice on computer system requirements would be appreciated as I am currently using an older pentium 4 and I can imagine being limited by my processor if there are some real powerful applications out there. There is an upgrade in my future, but right now the priority is in feeding my children over CPU's. Thanks in advance!

dlaporte aka Dave