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Thread: Greetings and Salutations

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    Info Greetings and Salutations


    Found this while looking for resources for CC3, which I plan on using to create maps for Fantasy Grounds II.

    Looking forward to connecting with other who have the same plans.

    Dr. Dave 'Wheels' Royal - WB0X

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    Welcome Dave, there are several tutorials for CC3 over in the tutorials section. You might also want to check out the finished maps section, and the discussion on mapping software just so that you have a better idea of what your options are as well.


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    Thanks for the info arsheesh.

    Can't wait to get knee-deep in the flood of ideas.

    Waiting patiently

    Dr. Dave 'Wheels' Royal

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    I just installed Wilbur, but I can't find a menu selection from my Start menu.

    No Wilbur, no Slayton.

    I found the executable, and can easily enough create a menu, but did I miss something?
    (Wilbur 1.62 x64)

    Dave 'Wheels' Royal

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