The name is Jim and I am currently an intern at a free university museum developing an exhibit on "fantasy maps." Due to an incredibly short timescale with which to work (as well as a short running time of only a month and a half) my colleagues and I are forbidden from using any copyrighted material at the risk of lawsuit. Therefore I am here to shamelessly beg to use several of your amazing works (and they are indeed amazing) to use as wall space in our exhibit.

I was recently introduced to this site by one of my co-workers and was blown away. Cartography has always been an interest of mine, though I have always been the writer while a close friend has always been the map-maker (I possess the artistic capability of a sea slug).

This said I intend to post five times with the intent of private messaging several members of your community in hopes of garnering support for the exhibit and possibly promoting some of your works of art to untold dozens.