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    Question Cartographer's Annual Good Starter Version

    Hello! I just recently purchased campaign cartographer 3 along with the two add-ons CD3 and DD3. I like the default templates they provide but heard that the Cartographer's Annual add-ons give MUCH more content. I would like to design some nice looking maps with more that just the original styles. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good starting Cartographer's Annual edition? I love the medieval genre along with fantasy and the like. Any suggestions? Sorry if this has been asked before. I was unable to find much information. Thanks for your help.


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    Hello and welcome to the guild. The best thing you can do is you surf to Profantasys homepage and look at their Annuals page. There you can see galleries for each annual and see what styles are included. Which year that is best depends on what styles you like. Good luck
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