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Thread: WIP for online game (help appreciated)

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    Default WIP for online game (help appreciated)

    Hey everyone,

    It's been a while, but I'm here to post a map. I am posting it because I seek assistance in more ways than one.

    here is the map

    I am not concerned with this map being pretty (obviously :p), but I want it to make sense. The colors represent biomes (taiga, temperate, light blue = Mediterranean, then a dry steppe, and then a semiarid region -- oh, and the light blue in the mountains is "mountain forests"). Do these biomes make sense? The scale is rather large -- think Mexico for the western "island", and Arabia for the eastern one. I was thinking the western "island" was similar in climate to southern and central Europe, while the eastern area was similar in climate to Turkey and Iraq.

    Also, does anyone have good, simple icons of mountains, forests, and castles, villages, or anything? By simple, I mean that look good using a pencil tool -- something very basic and 1-bit. :p

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hiya Starfessor! You may find that you get more feedback if you use the forum Attachment Manager to attach your map, rather than using imageshack (or similar image-hosting sites). A lot of us either can't get to those sites due to proxy problems, or are leery about clicking links that lead off the site (like me -- since I just had to wipe my computer due to a virus I acquired the same day I clicked off-site to a map).

    To answer the non-attachment-related question, there are TONS of icons in the Mapping Elements section of the forum; take a gander over there and I'm sure you'll find ones that suit your fancy.

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