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    Default Mahdran - CC3 - MMORPG World Map - Looking to make it better

    First and foremost, a very few people actually enjoy this style of mapping and can't stand it because it's made in "zones.". The intent of the world map is for a MMORPG. I would like to make a bit more realistic with the below changes. The world doesn't look visually pleasing zoomed out, however, it's suppose to be about the "zones" that is composed with the map. The map is designed by "zones". A zone is themed area for gameplay purposes. For using CC3 I am somewhat limited on the use of symbols, so I had to had to improve and get somewhat creative and cross symbol styles and textures.

    I would like to attempt to make this map more "realistic" in a sense without completely revamping the whole world. I would consider that option, however, I am too attached to what I currently have and there would be lore issues.


    As you can tell straight off the bat the rivers don't make sense because of the flow and how they branch off. When designing this world, I didn't take in account how rivers actually worked, I just put it there based on how each zone was designed or to separate zones. I would like to keep the Wilkes-barre Cascade and Mythgore Pass area relativity the same. Anything else, I am more lenient for the other rivers.

    If anyone could perhaps draw how the rivers should be that is currently on the map, I would appreciate it. I ask this, because I am still in that "zone" mindset.


    Another place, I would like to make more realistic, is the Dunes of the Burning Sands. The Mujinx Plains is a decent transition into a desert. I have some questions. Would it make sense if the Mu'jinx Plains and the Dunes of the Burning sands switched places? Also, I see how a lot of deserts on other worlds on here are somewhat encased by a mountain ranges. I would also consider of adding a mountain range as well. If so, where would be the best place for that to go in that area? Perhaps would it make sense to continue the Cothtrak Mountains further south between the Scoria Tropics and the Arache Jungle? Or another separate mountain range?


    I have one area in the arctic region up north that I am interested in changing. The Mastodon Nook is the name of the zone. That was just there as a filler area. I have two ideas in mind, an ice field or a possible tundra? What do you think would work best for that particular area?


    Right now, I am only interested in these three possible changes. Keep in mind this is for an mmorpg. It's a bit more "magical" than Pit of War maps in the finished forums. However, he did a fantastic job. I was considering a full revamp of the map, but I just don't know how to go about it, and don't see a vision in my head.
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