Hey guys! I've been pretty quiet around here lately, but I'm hoping to gear back up and pump out some more maps soon. Just getting started after a hiatus, but I've produced a new map pack for the RPGNow and Paizo shops. Building up my fantasy line, I've just released an airship. Feel free to check out the flash preview on RPGNow if you like!


Fantasy Maps: Airship

Have you finally scraped together enough to purchase your own airship, or has your party stowed away because they could not afford passage across the great ocean? Have the sky pirates kidnapped the princessand your must fight your way through their ranks?Do the buccaneers who man the ship plan to rob all the passengers--you included? With D20 Cartographer, the story is in your hands!

"Fantasy Maps" are full-featured encounter maps designed to fit any traditional fantasy world. This release, "Airship" features a marritime-inspired sky-vessel, including the deck, and four inner levels including the captain and first mate's cabin, gunnery, cargo hold, and more! Fly the not-so-friendly skies with ample room for fencing, fightning, and general swashbuckling. Just hope you won't have to walk the plank! All maps are in the traditional 1 inch = 5 feet scale.

Included for your convenience are several different formats including:

• Full-color maps in .jpg format
• High-contrast black and white maps in .jpg format
• PDF files with images sliced up over multiple pages for easy home-printing (compatible with both US Letter and A4 International paper)

D20 Cartographer also supports virtual table top (VTT) systems and includes:

• 100 DPI gridless map with objects removed
• A folder with all ‘objects' in .png format for use on this map or reuse on your private maps
• An RPTools MapTool VTT file (.cmpgn) with vision blocking and object layer set up for you


Thanks for taking a look, folks! If anyone happens to pick it up, I'd absolutely love to hear what you think in a review. As always, I wish you good gaming.