As you all know, I write short stories for fun but also in the process of writing a story that could eventually turn into my first book.

I have been beating my head lately, due to my extensive and primary use of Campaign Cartographer 3. This program does help me visualize my campaigns for pseudo-D&D RPG events and for my stories. GIMP has been helping if only a bit.

One of my favorite natural environments are canyons; particularly slot canyons, like those of the famous Antelope Canyon outside Page, Arizona, USA. I know for a fact that slot canyons are fairly easy to draw on a map; a simple line and text giving its region name like Wirepass Canyon. But for larger canyons like the world famous Grand Canyon, that is easier said than done.

What techniques would you recommend for putting canyons as extensive as the Grand Canyon on your maps, regardless of program?