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    Hello everyone. I'm new to the site, obviously, and though it would be fitting to make a quick introduction. I've always been fascinated with maps, and although I've dabbled in making my own in the past, I never quite got to the level that I've wanted to be at. I'm lacking in the artistry department, so most of my maps ended up being coldly scientific, lacking the flourishes that make good maps so good. I've recently started running a D&D campaign with some friends, and it has rekindled my desire to create maps that are both informative, and nice to look at. I hope to gain inspiration by perusing the many fine works on the site, as well as pick up some pointers from veteran mappers.

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    Welcome to the Guild Starshard. Many DM's come here to create maps for their campaigns, so you are in good company. I'd recommend having a look at the tutorials section, you'll find all sorts of resources to aid you in your quest.


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