Hi everyone!
I found this forum via ascension's "atlas tutorial".

I love maps and I've been trying to make a world map for a novel of mine. Unfortunately I can't manage to work with this (and most other) tutorial because I only have Micrografx Picture Publisher and thus a lot of the things don't work (or at least I don't know how, as my program is in German). Nonetheless, I did gather a few very helpful tips!

I don't like GIMP, and I could never get the hang of Inkscape, so I have to make do with PP until I can afford Corel Painter and/or Photoshop.

Although I am doing fairly well with digital paintings *, my attempts of mapmaking are pretty poor to say the least. Perhaps I'll make a request in the request thread later, to see if someone might be willing to do a simple map for me ... one that would work with an ebook reader. A prettier map can wait until either I have the skill to do it or until I have the money to pay for it

Now, what else should I write here? I suck at introductions

I live in Nuremberg/Germany; I love writing (in English), painting and photography among other things.

Cheers everyone!


*Some of my digital paintings ... all done with mouse and Micrografx Picture Publisher: http://www.redbubble.com/people/soph...ital-paintings