Would anyone be so kind and give me some advise, please?
I made an attempt at a simple map. (I need this map for my novel, which I intend to publish as an ebook by the end of the week.)
I'm not totally happy with the map. I guess I used too many trees.
Any other suggestions as to what I could change to make it look better (and to enhance the readability for ereaders)?

Katto pointed out in my introduction thread that the trees are too big in relation to the mountains ... but when I make the trees smaller they are not really recognisable as trees and making the mountains much bigger produces a space problem with the names and it looks odd ... hm ... any suggestions how to solve this?

Another point was that there's too much black ... well, I guess if I use less trees that might help. What do you think?
I mean, using a lot of different colours doesn't really help if the ereaders are only b&w. Although, I will publish on Smashwords, so there are many different formats to choose and readers could download a copy for their computer to look at the pictures ... and since I have a lot of paintings in the book anyway ... hm ... I need to think about that ... Initially I would have loved to do a map according to ascension's atlas tutorial or something similar, but I couldn't manage that (only have Micrografx Picture Publisher), and I really want to finally publish this novel, so I opted for a simple map.

I'm not sure, Katto, what you meant by "give your islands/continents a bit more space." I'd love to make the map bigger (more water on all sides), but since it is meant to fit into an ebook it's already a bit too big, so how would I add more space?

Any other suggestions?
Here's the map again:

Click image for larger version. 

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