Hello everyone!

This is the world I've been working on for some time now. I have tilted the existing Earth 30° and redrew the grid in google earth and then the coast lines onto Joshua's Usable Mollweide Projection Grid. I drew Greenland and Antarctica from deglaciated maps for better reconstruction.

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The next step is to add elevation both terrestial and marine. After that persistent winds and ocean currents to reconstruct biozones.
I am mostly interested in learning about physical and biological geography and evolution by reconstructing it on this map, but it could set the stage for a good fictional world.

The (still vague) idea I have is to reconstruct the life in this world after a mistery event that both tilted the planet and wiped out most of human kind. The few survivors left in several refuges here and there would spawn both new wild human species and some cultures capable of rebuilding the biosphere faster then has ever happened before after a mass extinction, owing to the human skill of cultivation. By 50 000 to a 100 000 years in the future, with some ups and downs along the way, this population should have the planet up and running again on a level comparable to today or even slightly further (maybe with limited space travel confined to the solar system.)
With this time scale in mind, tectonics would only have advanced the continental drift by 15 km at best, so I have omitted tectonic advancement on purpose. Changes in sea levels, glaciation, rivers, erosion, deposits and human intervention will change the landscape drastically enough.
My current estimates are that this geography will favor greater glaciation, a drop in sea levels and massive deserts, but some regions will still feature rain forests or grassy plains. The new geography of the former Arctic Ocean should lead to enormous fertility, capable of sustaining an impressive marine food web.

I have all ready put some thought into a global evolution involving the descendants of modern human. Eventhough at this time our species may be harmfull to the environment, I also believe we have the abilty to rebuild the world after catastrophy has struck, in unprecedented ways. At least a lot faster than the time it took non-human nature to rebound from the KPg- or PT-events, baring in mind that an extinction event, even on the scale of the PT-event, would leave many tens of thousands of people and their pets, livestock and crops alive world wide. Add human inginuity and you'll have the biosphere up to modern levels in an evolutionary blink of an eye.
This is both the key and the challenge to this scenario. It will be very hard to find the right amount of extinction and hardship to, on one hand, not wipe out life on Earth entirely, yet on the other hand, challenge the descendants of modern humans and affiliated species enough to evolve into something awesome.
If necessary, I could always throw in some magical radiation, that causes awesome mutations instead of cancer, but somehow I'd rather do it the hard way. Involving even low amounts of magic would kinda beat the purpose of an exploratory reconstruction.

Yet, at this point I still have my hands full on the physical geography of this world. Sometimes it feels like to much for one person to handle.
Some examples of things I haven't been able to figure out yet are the ocean currents in the former Indian ocean, especially around India and between Australia and Antarctica. The Tibetan Plateau lying smack on the equator could also have some weird atmospheric effects for which I have nothing to refer to.

So any advice or help is very very welcome.

If anyone can tell me how to post a kmz-file on this forum, I'll upload the grid I made in Google-Earth too.