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Thread: April/May 2012 Lite Challenge Entry: 20:12

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    Wip April/May 2012 Lite Challenge Entry: 20:12

    Work in progress based on James Blish's short story Surface Tension

    ### Latest WIP ###
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    It is 20:12 and the fifth sun is getting hotter across the face of the dying world. The world's habitats are failing, the chlorofil mines are failing within the dying world.

    Sunward columns of refugees are preparing to flee AntiSunward

    AntiSunward armys are being raised to go against the interlopers, the scant resources can't be shared.

    In the windward direction most of the habitats have already been destroyed or shaken smaller, now the sun threatens these remnents of life

    Even Stemward travellers bring tales of aphids moving closer
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