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    Project Scope:
    This is a small project a group of friends and I started around a year ago and are stuck at this point. Really once the map is done I can get rolling with cities and the like. The project involves 4 continents that are all in a different position from the context image I will attach.

    High fantasy mid magic setting for role playing and eventually console/pc gaming.

    Design Concept:
    I will attach an export from Dwarf fortress to give a fairly good interpretation of what the map looks like, and then a second picture that is what is completely gone. This is mostly just an atlas view of the world. Basically, we just want the map to look pretty, and then be dissected afterword, as I need to separate things into states, but it is hard to do without the final map.

    Number of maps:
    One overview world map

    300 dpi minimum. Jpg, or preferred png files
    Prefer 2000x2000 dpi, but as long as it is that size or bigger, I won't complain
    Full color

    You Retain copyright
    Eventually would like to purchase copyright.

    Any time, Its really just a little project as of now, but plans to get moving to bigger and better things. We have Fluff on monumental ammounts and I can see what I can do to get it viewable to Cartographer upon request.

    Well, as of right now, none, but within the year I would be willing to pay for the work as well as purchasing the copyright.

    Sebastian Patterson
    Please use subject line Aura Map

    Sorry if I did not provide enough information, if there is more you want to know please ask I am completely willing to spill the beans.

    Pic one is the original map, pic two is my terrible terrible rough changes to show how the shape was changed on the bottom continent, basically it just stretches along the entire bottom. Otherwise it just shows the repositioning. The top left continent should be the largest of the other 3, not including the islands of the bottom right (original pic) the islands are all there as well. Thanks for the read, I will get my other posts in shortly so I can have PM's

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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