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Thread: omg, behind you!!!

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    Post omg, behind you!!!

    *runs away*

    lol @ intro title.

    my name is alan and i've come here seeking help for my predicament. I'm currently writing a fantasy story, and i've come to the point where i want/need to develop a physical representation of the world i developed(this is where you come in ) . I've lurked here for a little bit and got some useful tidbits, like software beyond CS3, but i figured it was time to join and post so i could get various feedback.

    anyway, can't wait to see what I learn from this great site, and hopefully finalize my map

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    Welcome to the group. Lots of useful software for mapmaking. Ask, and you will be answered.
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    Hehe - Iron Crown Enterprises, now that brings back memories

    Anyway, welcome, welcome, Ice. Hope you find what you need here, and that you enjoy your stay. If I might ask, what sort of story are you writing..?

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    Welcome to the Guild ice! Please make sure to check out the other members of the Creative Alliance. There is a plot storming forum and a campaign writing forum. The link is up above: Fantaseum Alliance
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    Woo hoo: more writers! That is great. I'm looking forward to your contributions as well, ice. Welcome!
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    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome

    Quote Originally Posted by ravells View Post
    Do post up your map! Are you using CS3 to draw it?

    Welcome to the Guild, ice - (any relation to 'Iron Crown Enterprises' of old?)
    yea i use CS3, current map i have developed is just a continental outline, that i'm probably gonna scrap. I need to rework the islands in it mainly.

    Iron Crown Enterprise????

    Quote Originally Posted by SpamValiant View Post
    . If I might ask, what sort of story are you writing..?
    just something i'm writing for pure fun, it's high multi-culture fantasy, playing with themes of non-religious creation, religious cults, war, and a few more

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    Quote Originally Posted by ice View Post
    Iron Crown Enterprise????
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