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    Default Final Fantasy Based Map(Land)

    Hello everyone
    I just started building my first ideas of a fantasy map.
    Unfortunately, i have no skill at all when using GIMP. So i need the help of you guys for making a land-based on the Final Fantasy 12 Ivalice map.

    Here is the image link:

    Subject, Style, Quality And Size:
    I would need then a similar land map, without location names, only the land.
    In my map, there will be three continents - one to the north(the largest one); one to the west (the medium one); and the last one to southeast (the smallest) and there will also have an small island in the middle.
    The map size can be the same of the map in the link or above.
    The Quality - the best you can!

    Time Constraints:
    There is no time limit. Take the time you want, i'll be waiting once i know you began working.

    I would like the reproduction rights to the map.

    Contact Details:
    You can just pm me, i'll be entering in contact the soon as i can.

    If anyone feel capable of helping me out, please send a private message or post here. Notice that i only need the land with similar effects of Ivalice, without any other information.
    I will be waiting for replies, thank you for the attention.
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