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Thread: *** May Challenge - Draw a Map by Hand ***

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    Default *** May Challenge - Draw a Map by Hand ***

    Back by popular demand as a regular challenge, we have the Draw a Map by Hand challenge this month!

    (Challenge wording gratuitously stolen from Ravells, from the November/December 2011 Lite Challenge)

    Your map can be of anything and at any scale, provided that it is drawn by hand on a physical medium (e.g. paper, cloth, bark, vellum etc) This means:

    The entire piece, including the map, cartouche, neatlines, labelling etc must be hand drawn or hand written on a physical medium.
    No 'touching up' on the computer afterwards.
    Within the above restrictions you can use any media to draw/paint with (e.g. pencils, pens, inks, paints, pastels).
    For the avoidance of doubt: Computer tablets/pens are *NOT* allowed.

    Scan your map or take a digital photo of it to present it here!

    This should be a fun competition! We hope that there will be lots of participation (and laughs along the way). We think this is going to be a liberating experience!

    Please remember to put the latest wip tag (see the Instructions sticky) before each wip attachment, so that your thumbnail goes on the thumbnail page which is here:

    Good luck and happy mapping!

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