Hi! I just joined the community this evening, and was going to post this
after I finished it, but everyone seems to be really responsive and helpful
with suggestions/critiques so I figured I'd toss up a WIP.

First ever colour map attempt, did some DnD type doodles back in
highschool. A fantastical version of the Caribbean as part of a
graphic novel project. All under copyright I'm afraid, but I'll post some
freebie ornaments and such if there's interest.

[Photoshop CS3E / Painter X | intuos 2 | About 36 layers | lots of brush lag]

To Do: (Quite a bit more colour.)
I'll be coloring the ornament in the upper right and land masses as well as
labelling islands and I'm puzzling out a way to depict detailed current
directions in a visually pleasing way.