This is a map I made for a very good friend who so calls himself for fun "President of the Liberbiduroustein".
At is request, I made these maps to illustrate his fictitious country.
He wished that it could be a country with (fun) germanic and french names so I took inspiration from Alsace and Switzeland, two real "countries" with mixed french-german culture and place names. He gave me a couple of names (major cities mostly) and i did all the rest (some few peculiar ones are real names from Alsace or Switzeland).

The first map is a political map showing the administrative divisions of Liberbiduroustein, first 15 regions divided into 58 states. States are alphabeticaly numbered (such as départements in France) and all have a specific coat of arms (such as cantons in Switzelands).

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The second map is more geographical and depicts the topography of the country as well of major cities and rivers of Liberbiduroustein.

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I used Adobe Illustrator to do these maps.

Hope you'll appreciate.