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    Wip Dungeon WiPs

    Working on a couple dungeons for a game I'd like to start soon!

    First one here is a small dungeon filled mostly with giant spiders:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Entrance is at the bottom (a) -- basically a big hole in the ground, slowly leading down into some caves. Exit or alternate entrance is at the top (i) -- the basement level of an abandoned watchtower. Upwards is the lair of the spider queen, who is somewhat eccentric....

    I'm not sure about the elevations here, but I can't really think of another good way to do it. I'm thinking I need to lower the opacity on them a little, at least, though, to keep them from looking more like sheer cliffs than the gradual slopes they're supposed to represent.

    I really love the font (Troll Bait) that I used for the room labels but I'm worried it might be too hard to read.

    I wanted to use different colors for some things, but I wanted to make sure they wouldn't lose too much by printing in black and white, so I went with only a few, very desaturated colors. I think it's a good compromise, and doesn't look too bad.

    I'm still pondering exactly what to put in those empty rooms. Giant spiders are all well and good, but I'm still thinking about a couple other things that might fit in alongside them, just to mix it up a bit.

    Thanks for looking!
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    North or south or east or west, where to point your shoes...?
    Which direction is the best?
    If the choosing gets confusing, maybe it's the map you're using....

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