AS you can see the wiki is now open. Please open your accounts there. I would ask that you use the same names as on these boards. It makes it easier for everyone. When you have been signed up you will have editing priviliges on most of the pages. Please make use of the editing facilities in the wiki which allow you to make notes, whenever you edit, setting out the reasons and motivations behind the edit.

Three of our members have graciously accepted the job of acting as supervising editors on the wiki. They are The Cartographist, Industrygothica and Baziron. Congrats to the three of them. All three have already been busy filling pages. They will need everyone's assistance, so please give them your full support and cooperation. They have the ultimate responsibility when it comes to editing and content choice and are looking at the big picture to make sure that their is an overall unity to the game world and have the unenviable task of pulling all the disparate strings togther.

You may still post material on these boards in the same thread as the individual maps, or you can do it directly into the wiki. The first option is probably better because it allows for debate on the content and lets the editors have a good look at it before they incorporate it.

The cool logo on the wiki was done by RobA using the guild compass logo and Neon's world map. You will be comforted to know that Arcana is the admin on the wiki. I will also try and answer any questions you may have.

This project has really taken off thanks to the fantastic dedication, skill and open-mindedness that you have all shown. The wiki is the next major step. Lets get it off to a flyer.